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Veteran's Day

Send an Amazing WebAR Veteran's Day Greeting!


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What is a WebAR Greeting?

A Seamless Experience

Without the need for a download – a distinct advantage that WebAR has over its app-based counterparts – users can engage with the technology through triggers such as a QR code, link, or real-world object.

WebAR’s instant accessibility eliminates a huge barrier to entry, as opting for an app-based AR requires downloading a standalone mobile application from the App Store or Play Store. In fact, studies have shown that there is a 50% drop-off in engagement for any digital experience that takes over 30 seconds to load. Downloading an app to load an AR experience often takes longer than this.

Web-based AR is such a potent tool because it allows USERS to immediately ‘experience the experience’ without annoying load times and multiple steps. It also provides a uniform experience across devices and browsers.

Our WebAR Greetings

Happy Birthday

Surprise your fellows with an innovative webAR Happy Birthday Greeting!


Create a customized webAR Halloween Greeting in just a few steps!

Veteran's Day

Create a customized webAR Veteran’s day greeting in just a few steps!


Create a customized webAR Thanksgiving Greeting in just a few steps!


Create a customized webAR Christmas greeting in just a few steps!

Happy NewYear

Create a customized webAR New Year greeting in just a few steps!

Valentine's Day

Surprise your lover or friends with a cool augmented reality card

Mother’s Day

Surprise your mom with a cool augmented reality card.

Independence Day

Create a personalized augmented reality Happy 4th july greeting card in just a few steps!

We Offer Innovative Corporate Greetings Using WebAR

Add augmented reality in your greeting card to surprise your partners and customers.

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